Assembling Parts

The main Talent Tracking box is composed of the following packages:

Main Box

  • AI Processing Computer (1x)

  • Camera (1x)

  • Manfrotto Super Clamp W/LT Stud (2x)

  • Accessories 1/2

  • Accessories 2/2

  • Keyboard (1x)

Accessories 1/2

  • Kensington Lock (1x)

  • Camera Safety Cable (2x)

  • Truss Mount to Super Clamp Adapter (1x)

  • Power Adapter 230 Watt Holder (2x)

  • Truss Mount Computer Screw (2x)

  • M6x10mm Bolt (10x)

  • Allen 4mm (1x)

  • Truss Mount (1x)

Accessories 2/2

  • 230-Watt Power Adapter (1x)

  • SmallRig Mount Adapter (1x)

  • Wi-Fi Antenna (1x)

  • Power Cable (1x)

  • Data Cable (USB 3.1 Type-C to USB-A Cable) (1x)

  • HDMI Dongle (1x)

  • Mouse (1x)

For further inquiries about assembling, feel free to contact our Technical Support department via

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