The Calibration property group allows you to fine-tune tracking configuration details, and it contains the following properties:

  • Camera

    • Lock property allows you to secure your Calibration settings in the current session. This is a convenient feature that prevents accidental changes when clicking on the Camera Viewport by right mouse button.

    • Height (Z) property is where you define the Talent Tracking Camera height relative to studio origin in centimeters (cm). For more details, please visit Measuring Camera Height.

    • Pan Offset property lets you pan your camera view in the X and Y axes to align your pan to your studio origin.

    • Advanced

      • Camera X & Y properties show the location of the Talent Tracking camera according to the studio origin.

      • Tilt & Roll Offset: This lets you tilt and roll values in the camera view.

  • Calibration Cube

    • Position X & Y: Position of the Calibration Cube relative to the studio origin in cm (centimeter).

    • Advanced

      • Size X, Y, Z: Calibration Cube’s dimensions, measured in centimeters (cm)

      • Helper Grid

        • Grid & Subgrid Length allows you to change the length of the Helper Grid.

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