Concept of Talent Doors

In TRAXIS terminology, a door refers to a user-defined entrance that allows only the talents who enter through it to be tracked. In other words, doors allow you to track only the relevant talents who enter the Track Region through it and avoid other individuals who enter the tracking region from different sections.

This functionality is particularly useful in cases where there may be several individuals moving within or around a tracking area, and it is necessary to track only specific individuals of interest.

Door States

A Door can have two states:

  • Open Door

  • Closed Door

Open Door

"Open Door" is a region where talent can enter to be tracked.

Open doors are displayed as solid shapes with a specific color as shown above.

Closed Door

Closed Door refers to an unavailable entrance and it indicates that the talent entered into Track Region from that specific door is still inside the Track Region and currently being tracked.

Closed Doors are displayed as outlines as illustrated above.


The term Ghosts refers to individuals who entered the Track Region from a different place than a door or they entered the Track Region via Closed Door. Ghosts are untracked by TRAXIS Talent Tracking until they enter the Track Region through an Open Door.

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