Software Upgrade

Upgrading TRAXIS Talent Tracking takes approximately 10 minutes, and it requires a few clicks; the process is almost entirely automated.


Min 16GB USB device


  • Login to your Zero Density Customer Account.

  • Download the Traxis-TalentS-2.0-2023*.iso file.

  • Create a bootable USB flash drive with the ISO file you downloaded via the tool of your choice, such as Rufus.

  • Plug the USB into AI Processing Computer.

  • Click F12 on your keyboard and select the USB option.

In the selection screen, the installation offers the following options:

  • Keep Configuration

  • Full Image Restore

  • Troubleshooting Options

Keep Configuration

You receive the TRAXIS Talent Tracker as a preconfigured and precalibrated solution. If you choose the Keep Configuration option, your custom configuration will be preserved.

Full Image Restore

Before using the Full Image Restore option, we recommend you reach our Technical Support Department.

Full Image Restore will erase all the configuration data and partitions. Most of the time, users do not require to select full image restore.

Troubleshooting Options

This option helps you diagnose your system health.

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