Measuring Camera Height

Measuring camera height with precision has a direct impact on your tracking quality. To achieve the best possible tracking quality, please consider the following suggestions:

  • As shown above, make sure that you measure in a perpendicular position per your camera position.

  • You must aim at the nodal point of the left lens during the camera height measurement. As the above image shows, the nodal point of the left lens is 1.75 cm. Therefore, you must consider this offset when entering the camera height.

  • If your track region is above the point of your measurements, such as cyclorama or platform, you have to take the height of the platform into consideration

Defining Height (Z)

After measuring the Talent Tracking camera height relative to your studio origin:

  • Go to Calibration > Camera > Height (Z)

  • Enter the Height (Z) based on your measurement in centimeters.

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