Defining Track Region

In the next step, you must define a region to be tracked by talentS.

It is essential to know that the Talent Tracking Camera has the ability to detect multiple individuals. However, it only transmits FreeD data for those who enter the Track Region through the Talent Door. See Multi-Talent Tracking.

The dark area with a red border on the image above shows the track region.

To define your track region:

  • Go Tracking > Track Region

  • Adjust the X Range and Y Range property values to meet your requirements

  • Go to Tracking > Advanced > Detection

  • Choose a Detection Model. For more details, see Configuration Panel

  • Define the Tracking Model. See Configuration Panel

  • Optionally, you can customize Track Region Color, Talent Marker Color, and Talent Marker Radius via dedicated properties with the same name.

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