Maintenance Tips

General Precautions

  • Keep the AI Processing Computer and Talent Tracking Camera away from excessive moisture, direct sunlight, and extremes of heat and cold.

  • Do not restrict the airflow into the AI Processing Computer by blocking any vents or air intake.

  • Occasionally clean the air vents on all vented sides of the AI Processing Computer. Lint, dust, and other foreign matter can block the vents and limit the airflow. Be sure to unplug the computer before cleaning the air vents.

  • Do not stack AI Processing Computer and Talent Tracking Camera on top of each other.

  • Keep liquids away from the AI Processing Computer and the Talent Tracking Camera.

General Cleaning Safety Precautions

  • Never use solvents or flammable solutions to clean the TRAXIS Talent Tracking components.

  • Never immerse any parts in water or cleaning solutions; apply the proper liquids to a lint-free cloth, and then use the fabric on the component.

  • Always unplug the AI Processing Computer and Talent Tracking Camera when cleaning.

Preventing Electrostatic Damage

  • Always be properly grounded when touching a sensitive component or assembly.

  • Avoid contact with pins, leads, or circuitry.

  • Place reusable electrostatic-sensitive parts from assemblies in protective packaging or conductive foam.

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