Tracking Camera Viewport

Tracking Camera Viewport has the following indicators:

  • Door Number and Talent Name: Shows the door number and talent name.

  • Talent Body Marker: Shows the height of the talent body.

  • Talent Direction and Speed: Shows the direction and speed of the talent body.

  • Talent Position: Shows the X and Y range of the Track Region. Can be defined and customized in the Tracking Property Group in the Configuration Panel.

  • Studio Origin Axes: Shows the studio origin axes. If the Talent Tracking Camera can't see the studio origin, you may not see the studio origin axis indicator.

  • Closed Door: A door that is currently in use.

  • Open Door: A door that is available for talent to enter to be tracked.

  • Track Region: Shows the user-defined region inside the Tracking Viewport. Can be customized in the Tracking > Track Region.

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