Where to Mount

After finishing assembling the parts, you should determine the location of Talent Tracking inside your studio. We recommend you use the lighting grid on the studio ceiling.

Please consider the following suggestions when selecting the mounting location:

  • The camera should see the track region directly without any vision-blocking objects, including light, cranes, etc.

Partial blockings for the talent may still work, but the AI algorithms need to see the body parts to a certain degree to detect talent location.

  • Pick a place where you can track the talent between 5 to 10 meters.

Talent Tracking Camera may or may not see your studio tracking origin. If the origin is not visible, we provide you with an easy method to offset your tracking space. For more details, see Calibration Cube

  • The place you mount the camera should be fixed and vibration-free.

Any movement of the tracking camera after the calibration will lower tracking accuracy. If the Talent Tracking Camera rotates more than 2 degrees, the Talent Tracking system warns you to recalibrate.

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